The VATICAN COIN will have no TEAM or KNOWN DEVs. The creators will renounce ownership immediately after the Token is launched. It will be launched on the market with no tokens allocated to a single individual or institution. Everyone will have the same fair access to the Token on the market. Liquidity will be locked for ETERNITY. The project will be completely owned by the Community and its community platforms will be managed by THE WATCHERS; a Group of 10 Community Selected managers whose sole aim will be to implement DAO-approved decisions for the community including the project Roadmap, Listings, Marketing, Burn and the management of the VATICAN TREASURY (the Wallet that will receive 3% of all Buys & Sells earmarked for community development and marketing purposes). THE BIG DARING IDEA is simple – Can a community self-govern itself into creating one of the most POWERFUL Crypto assets the world has ever seen?
Our Social Media Dapp will be launched exactly 21 Days (1st March 2023) after the Fair Launch of the token. It has become increasingly clear that social media is an inevitable use-case and adoption network for blockchain technology and web3 infrastructure. As centralization and secrecy become more severe on mainstream platforms, the need for transparent and decentralized networks grows in tandem.
  • Only Holders of The Vatican Coin will be able to access our Social Media platform by connecting their Non-Custodial wallet within which the Token is held to access the platform.
  • At 10,000 Users & Holders, we will launch the Reward Token (The Vatican Rewards Token $TVR) specifically for our Social Media platform to reward content creators, subscriptions, tips and eventually advertising. 10% of the Total Supply(Total Supply - 1,000,000) of $TVR will be airdropped to Diamond Hands who hold from the early days till the 10k Milestone is achieved and the Rewards Token is launched. Snapshots will be taken from Day of the launch of $TVC
  • Our Decentralized Social Media will be the underlying core utility of our Token beyond our BIG IDEA and daring ambition.